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Consulting Solutions

Consulting Services are cost-effective and worthwhile. Why? and How does it aid in the expansion of yours company? What are our options? We guide you in the right direction and offer a clear picture of your aim and objective. We prepare a complete strategy, operations, technology, budgeting, growth opportunities, market analysis and human management plan for you.


Zavvy Solutions mission is to learn about your business and provide solutions to your problems. We collaborate with our clients to fully comprehend their strategic business requirements. Our industry and technology-certified professionals value your company by using their extensive knowledge.


Zavvy Solutions offers a wide variety of service consulting for Support, EService, Field Service and Professional Services operations for technology companies. We have helped industry-leading services and support operations enhance operational efficiency, while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Our digital strategy team collaborates with our experienced design team to benchmark the complete purchase path. Our site evaluation tools and expert advice will provide you with the performance baseline to help you understand what’s working and what needs to be improved.


The Diagnostic Consulting process collects quantitative and qualitative data for subsequent analysis. The ultimate goal of this process is to identify, goals, opportunities for improvement, and focus areas, to be addressed during the project stage.


We provide a one-of-a-kind operating model that combines the most significant features of a federated organization with the global process frameworks. We allow our clients to run worldwide operations remotely while reaping the full benefits of local government.


We’ve been a strategic thought leader for nearly five decades, and we bring unrivaled capabilities, tools, technologies, and talent to every engagement, augmented by an ecosystem of best-of-breed partners that provide specialized expertise.


Our experts evaluate your existing situation using benchmarks built over many years and hundreds of sessions. Across channels, we match business requirements with short and long-term goals.


Our reports on the global consulting services market provide market size and forecasts, identify growth opportunities, value chain analysis, analyze key trends, growth drivers and challenges in addition to a detailed vendor analysis.


Management or Business Consulting

Our Management Consulting Services at Zavvy Solutions provide practical solutions to real-world company problems, including people, technology, data, and money. Based on years of expertise, our business and management consultants give strategic leadership and transformative insights to businesses and organizations. Deals with top-level decision-makers
such as the CEO, CFO, Director, and Head.

It Includes

  • Financial Strategy & Advisory.
  • Environment Services.
  • Business Consulting & Strategy.
  • Operational Strategy & Advisory.
  • Sales & Marketing Operational Consultant..
  • HR/Human Resource Advisory.
  • Operation & Strategy Consulting.
  • Research Development.

Financial and Tax Advisory

We can assist you to minimize your tax exposure and highlight the dangers provided by continually developing and more complicated legislation at Zavvy Solutions, which provides tax advice and regulatory services in India. It aids in increasing profitability, securing the business, maximizing development, and providing a clear roadmap. We provide timely information and impartial guidance based on our experience and understanding of tax laws in India and throughout the world.

It Includes

  • Corporate Finance.
  • Transaction Services.
  • Risk Management.
  • Tax Advisory.
  • Real Estate Advisory.
  • Crisis And Recovery.
  • Accounting Advisory.
  • Legal Advisory.
  • Economic Consultant .

You can manage and grow your firm with the correct and skilled advisors. Finance, accounting, and tax advice assists organizations in reaching new heights. It aids them in creating adequate budgets, managing taxes, costs, or earnings, bookkeeping, account administration, and investing, among other things.

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